Our History

The church of Christ in Nikopol started in 1999 with the conversion of Nina Dyomina in Minsk, Belarus. Returning to Ukraine, Her husband, Gregory and sister, Tonia soon became Christians, and they met with a small group in her home. Having no preacher, their teaching was material that had been translated into Russian.

Nina and Gregory Domina

In 2004, A small group of Americans held English lessons in Nikopol. From this group of students, the church was eventually formed. Later in the same year, Andrew and Katie Green moved to Nikopol, where they and their children served for 11 years. In 2006, they were joined by Stuart and Valerie Merrill and their children, who ministered until 2008, when they were forced to return to the United States due to a health emergency. During these years the church purchased the property they currently own and was officially given organization status by the government of Ukraine.The church began to add Core members almost immediately, though many ended up in different cities. Some of these came through two mission trips in 2006 and 2008. 

The Greens, 2013

As the church began to grow, we saw the need to expand. Our first construction project int 2013 added a Sunday school and garage to the side of the auditorium. Later that year, Katie and Andrew began planning the transition to local leadership as they prpeared to move back to the United States. . Slavic and Katya Krishnyevskiy, graduates from a Sunset Bible college affiliate in Ukraine, were invited to come to Nikopol, Slavic is an energetic evangelist, and Katya is instrumental in the children’s ministries. And almost immediately the church grew to about 30-40 members. The church saw growth through the public literature ministry as well as refugees who fled from from the east during first Russian invasion of 2014.

in 2014, Slavic established a substance abuse rehabilitation center several hours away from Nikopol. A number of the men and women who became sober through this ministry, eventually came to Nikopol to help in the church. Shortly after the Greens returned to the United States, it was already time to plan another building project. This time a separate building with an auditorium, classrooms and a baptistry was built. The old building now serves as a youth hall and a ‘coffee house’ ministry, where local residents come and discuss spiritual topics during the week..

As the building was being built a new development resulted in another growth of the church. Slavic sold the rehab property and purchased a property with two buildings only miles away from Nikopol. He was able to relocate the Father’s House rehab center, as well as add a building for women as well.

Obviously, The war has impacted the church, though there have been many blessings as well. They still hold services in Nikopol, despite the bombings. The Rehab center has also been a safe place for many who have been forced to leave Nikopol. In 2022 there were enough donations for the church to buy a third home near the rehab center. This is being converted into a church building, and a sister church is being planted.

Andrew and Katie continue to serve the Nikopol church through fundraising and publicizing their efforts and needs.