Who We Are

We are a gathering of believers, saved by the mercy of the Father, through the blood of Christ, and have been given The Holy Spirit to help us live, pleasing to God.

The church is not a courtroom where we judge other people, nor is it not a theater where we come to be entertained. The church is Christ’s body. We are a group of individuals with various talents trying to use our abilities in unity for Christ. We are a family where members have a relationship with each other and with God; a hospital, where people can come for help with spiritual sicknesses and emotional needs.

“What should I expect if I visit?”

In one word – love. We show our appreciation for His great mercy in a variety of ways:


Honoring God and encouraging each other with joyful and thoughtful praise.


In both formal settings and open-forum lessons, we draw closer to God by looking into His perfect, inspired word to understand more about Him and what He desires for our lives.


Every Sunday, we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection through the Lord’s Supper, which is given for all those who have been baptized into His church.


A part of our worship is bringing honor to God by living in good conscience; pursuing moral character and deepening our relationship with God.


One of our most important functions is the sheperding of sould, and especially the youth in our church and in our cummunity.